Is the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R the Most Extreme Side-by-Side of All Time? Let’s Compare It to the RZR Pro R

2024 can-am maverick r debut nevada

The high-performance side-by-side war rages on with the introduction of the all-new 2024 Can-Am Maverick R. Can-Am is aiming high with this ground-up design. They are not afraid to try new things in search of ultimate off-road performance. Here is what it’s all about, and here is how it compares to the Polaris RZR Pro R (the other high-performance machine).

Can-Am says that high-performance off-road customers are always hungry for more power, more suspension travel, and higher speeds. This is the goal of the new Maverick R. It starts with the new chassis. The Maverick R is now the widest side-by-side on the market with 77 inches of total width when it’s unladen. The Maverick R 2-seater rides on a 108-inch wheelbase. Can-Am has not announced any plans for a 4-seater version of the new R. This larger footprint ensures plenty of stability and improved wheel travel.

Will it cause you problems when transporting your Maverick R inside your toy hauler? You will have to check the width of your trailer, but it should fit. Just for reference, a midsize 2023 Chevy Colorado pickup truck is about 75 inches wide.

Can-Am and Rotax worked on a new engine just for the Maverick R. It’s a 999-cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that’s rated at 240 horsepower. This is a crazy high power output for a small 1-liter displacement production engine. There is no more CVT (belt-driven) transmission. The new Maverick R uses a newly designed Rotax 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) with high & low gearing. The switch between high and low gearing can be done while moving.

I took the Maverick R for a ride, and the transmission shifts are nearly imperceptible. You can let the transmission do its own shifts, or you can shift yourself using the steering-wheel-mounted paddles. I found that the automatic transmission mode is plenty good for high-performance driving.

Here is how the new Maverick R compares to the Polaris RZR Pro R.

Maverick RRZR Pro R
Engine999cc 3-cyl Turbo1,997cc 4-cyl
HP240 hp225 hp
Transmission7-speed DCTCVT
Tires30-inch ITP Tenacity XNR
– upgradable to…32-inch
Suspension Travel26-inch (rear)24.5-inch (rear)
Ground Clearance17-inch16-inch
SuspensionHD Tall knuckle
ShocksFOX 2.5 Podium (QS3)
upgrade to…FOX 3.0 Podium (RC2)
Wheelbase108-inch (2-seater)104.5-inch (2-seater)
Dry Weight2,150 lbs2,144 lbs
starting price$35,499$37,499

Our full video with the Maverick R is coming soon. In the meantime, here is our recent review of a Maverick X3.