You Can Fly Like This Too! 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor Off-Rodeo in Las Vegas

Drive an off-road course designed by the pros!

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If you purchase a new Ford Bronco Raptor, there is a new experience waiting for you. The $88,680 base price of this Raptor SUV includes a day at the Bronco Offrodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. What’s special about it? Hasn’t Ford had this going on for nearly two years at four locations around the country? Yes, but there is a brand new Bronco Raptor experience at the Nevada Offrodeo location. Here is what it’s like.

Customers of all of the new Ford Broncos can come to four Offrodeo locations around the country for a day of off-roading fun. There are locations in New Hampshire, Utah, Texas, and Nevada. However, this Nevada location is also home to a new Raptor Run and Ultra4 off-road courses that were designed and prepared by professional off-road drivers. This is a way for new Bronco Raptor owners to learn the limits of their machines and the limits of what they can do as drivers.

Let me tell you – the limits of the Bronco Raptor are way higher than what I expected. I have been testing and driving all versions of off-road pickup trucks and SUVs for nearly 10 years. The rough terrain that the Bronco Raptor can go over is the toughest I have experienced. It can do it with a great deal of speed as well.

We will have a full video of this experience coming to our TFLoffroad Youtube channel soon. In the meantime, here is something way more affordable! This is our recent comparison of the new Ford Bronco and a Jeep Wrangler that cost $35,000 or less.