Debut: The New Ford Bronco Wildland Is the Latest Wild Fire Fighting Tool!

It's the latest command rig.

2024 ford bronco wildland fire fighter

Ford is presenting a new vehicle for the Ford Wild Fund. It’s based on a Ford Bronco Badlands with a Sasquatch package. This four-door Ford Bronco has a stock powertrain, off-road gear, and 35-inch all-terrain tires. It’s equipped with a winch and a host of the latest communication equipment to aid and coordinate wildfire-fighting efforts.

This one is equipped with emergency lights and sirens. It will allow a small team to go into places many other firefighting trucks and vehicles cannot. It can also allow this team to live in the wilderness for an extended period of time.

Ford is donating this vehicle to the Bandelier National Park outside of Los Alamos, New Mexico via the Bronco Wild Fund.