If Your Home’s Garage Had Wheels…This ATC Toy Hauler Would Be It!

ATC Gamechanger Pro Series

At about 10,000 pounds dry, the ATC Toy Hauler is (for its size) very lightweight.

The ATC Gamechanger Pro Series toy hauler is what some might call, “aspirational.” It’s 36 feet long and 13-1/2 feet high, with a price tag that easily exceeds $100,000 — beyond the reach of many. Still, the ATC has a lot going for it, including a lightweight, aluminum structure, top of the line amenities, and room for a good size family.

Riding on two heavy duty axles, its capable of hauling up to 6,000 pounds. Most heavy duty pickup trucks can tow it, but you will need a gooseneck setup. Fortunately, the GMC Sierra HD we used as the tow vehicle was easily up to the task.

Not everyone is keen on toy haulers. For one thing, they have to be pretty big to hold vehicles, and that means the space inside has to be converted. Couches, beds and tables have to be removed, or retracted to make space. On top of that, some toy haulers lack decent ventilation. That may become an issue when the vehicle you’re storing smell like oil or gasoline.

I’ve heard some complain that the smell lingers, much like cigarettes, and it’s difficult to deodorize. While we haven’t spent that much time with the ATC, I felt like the exhaust smell dissipated quickly. In addition, having three roof-mounted air conditioners, the potential for forcing air through the cabin seems good.

Yes, this trailer is not for everyone. We rarely get an opportunity to review such an impressive machine, and we had very little time with it. As such, we were all thumbs in this video, and I beg your indulgence as you watch.

In this video, we take you for a fairly comprehensive tour of this impressive trailer, AND we load it with a fair sized side-by-side!

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