Video: Here’s How This All-new 2023 Ford Super Duty Puts Any Raptor or Ram TRX to Shame!

Check out this build at this year's Overland Expo West

This Ford F-550 Black Edition build is based on an all-new 2023 Super Duty.

This 2023 Ford Super Duty F-550 Black Edition has been significantly upgraded by Elevation Off-Grid. Our friend Jeremy takes Andre through a comprehensive tour of this massive truck. Quick point before we dive deeper: the quality of the build is shockingly good.

We met Jeremy at the 2023 Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ. During this event, we visited many upfitters, and fans of the overlanding community. Elevation Off-Grid builds beefy off-road trucks based on Fords and Rams. Their work is world class.

If you just focused on the front bumper’s design alone, you would see an example of how well executed the whole build is. That bumper is actually set over the winch. The winch is mounted directly to the frame. All of the stress going through the winch bypasses the bumper entirely. It also allows for less of a protrusion of the winch, which (in many cases) can compromise the truck’s approach angle.

Before Andre continues the tour, he notices the Ram HD project that was already featured on a prior post. The important part of this video is the actual truck, being that it hasn’t been seen in public by many. On top of that, Elevation Off-Grid managed to create a comprehensive build, and rapidly at that.

The 2023 Ford Super Duty build utilizes a Liquid Spring suspension setup.

Aside from the massive wheels and tires, the suspension is based on the fully adjustable Liquid Spring system. This setup allows for eight-inches of full height adjustment. Interestingly, the highest and lowest settings are limited to 15-miles per hour. This is primarily for water fording, and slow going while traversing large obstacles. The lowest mode is limited as it is set up for loading, and entering low roof locations, like some parking garages.

Speaking of loading, despite the added mass, Jeremy says that the factory load and tow numbers remain the same on the Ford and Ram.

There’s a lot more to unpack with this walk-around tour, and the video is definitely worth a watch: