Driving The INSANE 500HP Jeep Scrambler Concept!

One of our all-time favorite concepts from Easter Jeep Safari.

This Jeep Scrambler concept is completely over the top.

500 horsepower in a reimagined Jeep Scrambler Concept sounds like every Jeep enthusiast’s dream. We’ve tested the 6.4 Hemi in every form and while the engine may be old, its 470 horsepower and torque never feels stale. This Scrambler 392 started life as a 4-door Wrangler but Jeep gave it the works for Easter Jeep Safari.

Not only is it an open top truck like the original CJ-8 Scrambler, but it rides on air suspension. The Jeep team worked with AccuAir to develop a system that allows you to quickly adjust your height by over 5 inches. Naturally, it also has a massive set of 40″ tires on 20 inch wheels. The bodywork is all custom as well. From the fender flares to the windshield that lays back 12 degrees further than usual.

Driving the Scrambler In Moab:

Even more impressive than building a concept that doesn’t look cobbled together, is building one that drives. Luckily for us, the Jeep Scrambler Concept is not only drivable but well engineered enough to take on some trails in Moab.

Roman and Tommy had the chance to take it for a spin, along with Jeep’s many other concepts. The Scrambler, however, is arguably the coolest of them all. To see the guys take it off-road and show all of the features of this crazy build, check out the video linked below!