Video: Do More Wheels Get You More Places? Can-Am Defender 6×6 XT vs Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail

Do you really need six wheels?

Image: TFLoffroad

A Can-Am Defender 6×6 XT vs Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail comparison video makes about as much sense as comparing tanks to Jeeps.

Still, there is something to be said about showing their dynamic differences on the same trail.

We just received a brand-new Can-Am Defender 6×6 XT to eventually replace our sturdy Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail as a long-term tester. These side-by-sides are tasked with working the Tumbleweed Ranch. That is to say, they live in snow country, deal with all types of nasty terrain, and help extract the unfortunate on our onX Off-Road course. They will haul heavy loads, as we continue construction, transport folks through gooey mud, and service the needs of an active off-road ranch.

How are they different?

At the same time, we will play with them. That’s just what we do. We’ve already grown rather fond of the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 (999cc) and its fabulous six-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). It’s 72-horsepower Unicam SOHC, has four valves per cylinder and revs rapidly. It holds five, but could be converted into a two-passenger pickup/hauling utility in no time. It’s surprisingly fast, and the suspension setup is ideal for our environment.

The Can-Am Defender 6×6 comes with a Rotex 976cc V-twin engine that makes 82 horsepower. It has the “PRO-TORQ” continuously variable transmission (CVT) Transmission. There’s’ “Turf Mode/2WD/4WD” for the rear wheels, and it has a “Visco-Lok” auto-locking front differential. Thus, providing you’re not in a major rush, you can use all six wheels to move you over obstacles.

Now, we can’t move as many passengers despite the extra-large size of the 6×6. That’s because it has a bench seat meant for three, and the rest of the space is dedicated to the hauling bed. It can be converted from a pickup to a flatbed rapidly. On top of that, it has a power dumping feature as well.

It was a very cold day…

In this video, you’ll see Roman and Andre run through a few basic obstacles at our Tumbleweed Ranch. The temperatures were frigid, and they were hard pressed to get the footage that you’ll see. Still, we wish we could have done more. Fortunately, we will feature the brand-new Can-Am Defender 6×6 XT in many more videos to come, so stay tuned!

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