Dealers Get An Up Close Look at the Jeep Recon EV at Stellantis Event

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Dealers met at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas recently to see the all-electric Jeep Recon up close – among other Stellantis vehicles.

Thanks to Jeep Recon Forums (, we got a chance to see the Jeep Recon EV in its full glory in (what appears to be) pre-production form. On top of that, this Recon has a “Moab” badge on the hood. We also see, what appear to be 33″ BFGoodrich KO2s (the tire size looks like 265/70R19).

Like the models, prototypes and renderings, it appears that the doors do indeed come off. You can clearly see the external hinges, al-la Jeep Wrangler. In addition, the rear quarter glass is supposed to pop out as well. Its overall length looks pretty close to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited’s length of 192.5-inches.

There IS a “Trail Rated” badge on the fender, which lives up to the promise Jeep made about its capability.

What are we expecting from the Jeep Recon?

Right now, there’s very little information about it’s mechanical specifications. It will be based on a STLA platform, which we believe is their medium. If that’s the case, it could hold a battery (this is from sources) that’s between about 75 and 105 kWh – or so. This suggests the potential for a range that might run between 300and 440 miles, optimistically.

It’s expected that the EDM (Electric Drive Module) will make an appearance, and it’s more than just an electric motor. In this one-piece unit, there will be a transmission, motor and all the electronics needed to run the system. Think “plug-and-play” on a large scale. If this works out, it could bring down manufacturing costs – which could be passed on to the consumer.

Stellantis’ EDM having a dance party in Indiana… where it will be produced. (Image: Stellantis)

Judging by other images we’ve seen of the Recon, it’s possible that the Jeep Quadra-Lift air suspension system may be available for the rig. That could be a blessing and a curse for the Recon, as air suspensions are immensely capable, but have issues with articulation and long term reliability.

One final note: the folks at Jeep have said many times that the Recon has a lot in common with the Wrangler. One detail that is rather reminiscent of the Wrangler is the side-opening, rear tailgate with the spare tire. I believe the rear glass is supposed to either be removeable, or retract in some way. We’ve seen it completely gone in some product videos, so it’s hard to say.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this all-electric Jeep?

Let us know!

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