Video: Can This MASSIVE Unimog Drag Tiny Car Up a Snow Covered Hill? I Bet You Already Know The Answer!

Unimog pulling Toyota RAV4 thumbnail

Watch as Andre underutilizes our Unimog to drag a small cross over up a snow-covered hill.

Fortunately, he tells us all about the beastly Unimog too!

The minute I hear that Andre was using the Unimog to drag our old Toyota RAV4 around Tumbleweed ranch, I pictured a draft-horse pulling a Chiwawa. Still, Andre had a point he wanted to make about the Unimog, it’s remarkable gearing. This is a work truck, built to go places and do things regular trucks wouldn’t dream of.

We think it has an almost 50-degree approach angle. Partially thanks to the custom built, Couch Off-Road Engineering bumper. It also has about 20-iches of ground clearance thanks to those portal axle, which also provide insane amounts of articulation.

Mounted on 20-inch steel, it rolls on 46-inch tires with built in bead-locks AND an onboard air system for CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System). That CTIS setup is a major bonus for people who have to seriously off-road. I don’t mean a jaunt on a weekend trail, I mean for people who need to go WAY off the beaten path. This onboard CTIS mechanism allows you to choose front, rear or all axles. The ability to inflate and deflate on the go is a major boon, and it’s cool as hell to watch.

This front-wheel drive, first generation Toyota RAV4 once belonged to videographer Cole. We bought it to use as a tester for a variety of videos. Including this drag video. (Images: TFLoffroad)

It has a 77 to 1 gear ratio… in high gear. That drops to an insane 388 to 1 – which is outstanding. You can climb a building with that gearing. You can run with open diffs, or lock everything and do amazing things. Sure, you can easily drag a (less than 3,000 lbs) Toyota RAV4.

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