What Is Better: Toyota Crawl Control OR Differential Lock? TFLslip Test

(Images: TFL Studios)

Our TFLslip Test will challenge a 2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro’s 4WD system.

You would be surprised to see how vehicles do on our TFLslip test. This 2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is one of the more complete factory off-road packages out there, but is it up to Tommy’s testing?

Normally, Tommy uses the TFLslip Test to challenge complex all-wheel drive and four wheel drive systems. In many cases, the results can be highly revealing. Sometimes, the results are downright unexpected. The Toyota Tacoma’s Crawl Control system has been put top the test before, and it’s solid. Still, it hasn’t fought Tommy’s test – yet.

What we’re going to witness is a series of tests, both on the rollers and off. For years now, Tommy has perfected the TFLslip Test to work with three rollers. This setup will challenge the traction system in the most extreme way. The rollers represent a zero-traction situation, similar to solid, black ice. Each challenge with the rollers makes up to three wheels completely lose traction.

The one thing this slip test doesn’t truly evaluate… tires.

Given that grip is a bit different than traction, we are going to see the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro hit our onX Offroad course as well. Tommy battled it out with a variety of obstacles, testing everything from grip, power and articulation. Mainly, he wanted to test the differences between using the various systems in the Tacoma when off-roading.

By attacking the same obstacles several times, Tommy was able to test a variety of systems including Crawl Control. Each time, we can clearly see how the Tacoma struggles to make it over the same path. Considering the varied results, the overall conclusions Tommy reaches make sense.

Check out this video and see how the Tacoma does. It truly is interesting to see!

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