Video: Now THAT’S Stuck – Only One Ford Bronco Was (Slightly) Damaged in This Run of the TFL onX Offroad Course!

Factory lockers, 35-inch tires, and lots of clearance!

Yes, this was the poster child for being stuck on our onX Off-Road course at Tumbleweed Ranch. (Image: TFLoffroad)

A Cyber-Orange, 2-door 1st Edition with the Sasquatch package took on Tumbleweed Ranch – and got pretty stuck!

It sucks to get stuck in a nasty bog. Every member of TFL Studios (who drives) has been challenged by the muck and madness of our onX Off-Road course. There’s no shame in saying, “I got stuck.” It happens to most of us. Unfortunately, when you bang around off-road, trail damage can rear its ugly head too.

Lance, a Patreon of TFL Studios came to Tumbleweed Ranch from Hollister, CA. He was one of the early orders for the Bronco, and he waited 436 days before it finally arrived at the dealership. This baby packs the powerful 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, front and rear lockers – along with one of the best off-road suspensions in its class.

“She’s all stock, except for the A-pillar lights – which I got from Ford.”


At about 2,200 miles, his motor was one of the few that actually had a catastrophic failure. It was so bad, that Ford replaced the entire engine and turbos. It took six weeks, but ever since, and over 8,000 additional miles, all is well.

Then… Cottonwood Creek happened.

We have gone on record before saying that the most important thing you need for a proper 4×4 is the right tires. That’s true for all vehicles, but when you’re in the rough – it takes on a vibrant dimension. The meaty LT315/70R17/C Goodyears on the Bronco are great all-around. Unfortunately, they were overtaxed in the gooey mud.

We recently had a bit of snow, which melted. As many of you know, when the snow melts in hard soil, it pools AND can whip up the goo. When you combine the two, very few tires will find grip.

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