Video: Do You Really Need a TRD Pro? This Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Owner Says – Absolutely Not!

We run the onX Offroad Tumbleweed trail.

2021 2022 toyota tacoma trd off-road tumbleweed ranch onx offroad trail test

Check it out! This is Alex and her 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road pickup truck. She purchased it brand new about a year ago after watching one of TFLtruck’s video reviews. This 4×4 midsize pickup has a 4Hi/Lo geared transfer case, a rear locking differential, crawl control, and a good approach angle. Is it enough to tackle the onX Off-Road Rated trail at our Tumbleweed Ranch? Let’s find out!

While the TRD Off-road trim of the Tacoma has many off-road-ready specs and features – it does NOT have very aggressive tires or a lot of ground clearance. Alex came to Colorado nearly 2,000 miles from Virginia. She must drive hew Tacoma home, so we cannot damage it too much if at all.

We decide to go through the obstacles of Andre’s Pit. This includes something we call Holes, Logs, Rocks, Lava Lane, and the Trenches. This is a selection of off-road obstacles that will stop many AWD crossovers and SUVs. This Tacoma TRD Off-road goes through all of these obstacles without barely breaking a sweat.

Now, it’s time to tackle the main onX Off-Road rated course. Once again, this Tacoma is impressive. It does get hung up on the Slip-n-Slide 34-degree hill descent. Yes, this Tacoma could use a little more ground clearance. Also, it can use the front camera and 360-degree views that are available on the TRD Pro model.

Check out the video below as Alex and I go through all of the obstacles. You can decide for yourself. Would this Tacoma TRD Off-road be enough for your needs, or do you want to step up to the TRD Pro version with its higher clearance and FOX shocks for an addition $9,000-$10,000?