News: Meet the Electric Jeep CJ Surge By Mopar

Mopar is celebrating its 85th anniversary.

Check out this EV restomod by Mopar – it’s the Jeep CJ Surge concept. This is the latest example of what is possible as an EV powertrain swap into a classic vehicle. The 400-volt electric motor and most other components are located under the hood, where the internal combustion engine used to be. This Jeep is still using traditional Dana 44 axles and a 4WD transfer case to put all the power to the ground.

The electric motor produced up to 268 horsepower, and the high-voltage battery is located in the rear. The lithium-ion battery is comprised of 24 modules, but Mopar does not specify the total battery capacity or possible driving range of this concept.

Here is our very own Tommy Mica driving the Jeep Wrangler Magneto concept in Moab, Utah with the head of Jeep North America – Jim Morrison.