Ineos Kicks Off Grenadier 4×4 Production in Hambach, France

The first customers should see their vehicles in the coming weeks

(Images: Ineos Automotive)

Ineos Automotive announced that production of the Ineos Grenadier 4×4 has begun, and customer deliveries will begin this December.

For those of you who don’t know, the Ineos Grenadier 4×4 is not a frame-up restoration of an older Land Rover, nor is it a resto-mod. The Grenadier is an all-new, from the ground-up 4×4 production vehicle. Power comes from a 282 horsepower BMW I6 turbo that makes 332 lbs-feet of torque. It has been specially tuned for the Grenadier, and it’s mated to an eight-speed, ZF automatic transmission. Front and rear lockers are available, as is additional armor, and a ton of upgrades.

While it looks like an older Land Rover, they share no parts. Everything, from the frame to the cockpit, are completely unique. One of the things some of us might delight in, is the simplicity of the vehicle’s design. It has basic safety components, but none of the modern gadgets like automatic breaking and semi-autonomous cruise control.

This whole idea started in a pub

“We’ve come a long way since the project kicked off in 2017 and this is a landmark moment for INEOS Automotive as a vehicle manufacturer. To get to this point is a testament to the resilience and hard work of the entire INEOS Automotive team, our development partners and our suppliers – for which we thank them all as we now look forward to making our first deliveries to customers.” 

Mark Tennant, INEOS Automotive Commercial Director
2023 Ineos Grenadier

Ineos is a multinational conglomerate, dealing in chemicals, sports and now – automobiles. The idea for the Grenadier started in a pub in Great Britain about five years ago, now it’s really happening. In 2020. the company purchased a plant in Hambach, France, which was designed to build Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Now that production has begun, dealerships will begin to sprout. They will sell the Grenadier in the United States, and dealerships are beginning to form here.

INEOS Grenadier
Ineos is considering a pickup truck version of the Grenadier, which would be epic.

Europe and Australia will be the first to get the 4×4, we’ll be in line shortly thereafter. Pricing in the U.S. is still unknown; however, we do know that prices start at $84,500 AUD, which comes out to roughly to $52,900. According to the Ineos Grenadier 4×4 website, it cost $450 to reserve one. The online configurator is fairly contemporary, and (other than pricing) you can learn a lot about the 4×4.

Check out the video below where Andre configures a Grenadier!

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