#VanLife Fans Rejoice: A Ford Transit Trail is Coming

We should (hopefully) have more concrete details soon

(Images: Ford)

Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannis took to Twitter to tease the upcoming Ford Transit Trail.

Other than the tweet, and some dark video, however, we know very little about the upcoming Ford Transit Trail camper van. This November, presumably during the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, we will get a lot more information. Unfortunately, we at TFL Studios are rather impatient. As such, we did everything we could to bring out the van’s likeness hidden in the video, and this is what we got.

The 2023 Ford Transit Trail will be built at the Blue Oval’s Kansas City assembly plant.

It’s not much, but you can make out more details with this 2023 Ford Transit Trail camper van image. For one thing, a roof mounted air conditioner (looks like a MaxxFan) is visible, along with a built-in step. It also looks a tad taller in the saddle. This could mean a slight lift, tires, or a bit of both. The wheels look dark, which is in line with Ford’s other vehicles that got the off-road/adventure treatment. I’m thinking of the Ford Explorer and Expedition Timberline editions.

Here’s the quote that plays during the tweet’s video:

“On the road to #VanLife, a few simple lessons can lead to many big adventures. Get ready for the new 2023 Ford Transit Trail. Coming Soon.”

Here are a few more observations, that seem logical. The regular Ford Transit (technically) has three powertrains. There’s a base model 275 horsepower V6, a 310 hp EcoBoost V6 and an all-electric van that makes 266 horsepower. There are two rear-end choices (regular and heavy duty), along with three different lengths. Depending on the lengths, you can opt for three different rood heights as well. Judging by this image, it appears to be a long, but not extended length van. It’s also the medium roof.

If the Ford Transit Trail comes with all-wheel drive (AWD), it can only come with the EcoBoost V6. That’s good news as the regular Transit tows up to 7,500 lbs. Thus, it makes sense that this Tail model has AWD with the EcoBoost.

If you spot something interesting that we missed or hear something in the wind, let us know!

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