Here’s One Way You Can Get a “Cheap” GMC Hummer EV (Not Ours)

This crunched up Hummer EV is sitting in Florida right now


Up for auction right now, this accident-damaged 2022 GMC Hummer EV is still going over $100,000.

Before you think you can get an “easy to fix” 2022 GMC Hummer EV on the cheap, keep in mind how expensive it liekly will be to actually fix. Not only that, but it’s a sure thing that someone will overbid given the scarcity of Hummer EVs. If you go to, you still might find the listing for this Hummer.

According to the website, the main damage is on the passenger, with some additional damage to the undercarriage. It’s possible that it was side-swiped or T-boned, but further details about the actual accident are sparse. If you look at how the rear wheel is tweaked, then look at the other photo of the good side, you’ll get an idea about how extensive the damage can be. You’re obviously rolling the dice, but…there still aren’t that many new options out there for around $100,000. Certainly, none at MSRP.

According to the website, the vehicle has 2,112 miles on it. If you’re a Rush fan, that might make you smile. On the other hand, the estimated retail value of $198,059 (their numbers) might make you frown…or laugh. I mean, our new Hummer cost $115,000. This one is located in Tampa, Florida, and it has a salvage/rebuildable title.

Just a thought: With all of the flood-damaged vehicles that permeate Florida after Hurricane Ian, is it possible that this Hummer was involved? If you’re laying down serious cash for this EV, it might be worth your time to investigate. Just a thought.

Speaking of the Hummer EV:

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