Video: Is the Land Rover Discovery LR3 the Most Affordable Modern Off-Roader?

It's among the least expensive used LR models you can buy, but it has some baggage

Is the Land Rover Discovery LR3 a diamond in the rough? It sure is inexpensive to buy!

Our man Kase ventured out east to sample a Land Rover Discovery LR3, equipped with new Firestone Destination X/T rubber. The Land Rover Discovery LR3, which was in production from 2004 – 2009, was chosen as a suitable platform to test these new tires in the rough. Considering the history of the LR3, it’s an interesting choice to be sure.

For those of you who don’t know, the Discovery LR3, which is the third generation of the Discovery series, was vilified for its reputation for electrical gremlins, and lack of reliability. One of the main issues often is the suspension, brakes, and off-road electronics. This history has given the LR3 such a dreadful reputation that it carries some of the cheapest prices among the brand’s cars on the used market.

As an example: we owned a Land Rover Discovery LR3 at TFL Studios, and it was epic.

Sure, we did encounter some issues along the way, but it was sold and capable. Its off-road prowess was undeniable, and it embarrassed many new, and painfully expensive SUVs. That’s both on and off-road. Yep, it was not only a stellar off-roader, it provided an outstanding on-road ride. It was an SE model that came with the 4.4-liter V8 that made a beefy 300-horsepower.

Over the year-plus time period we owned it, we replaced a thermostat and the tires – but little else. Keep in mind: we are well aware of horror stories about the cost of replacing… just about everything. This is certainly true for the expensive, and troublesome air suspension.

In this video, Kase selects the LR3 for this off-road evaluation and puts it through some moderately challenging terrain. Honestly, it laughed at the challenges, and Kase was thrilled that it was so capable. On top of that, Kase brought up our ownership experiences Land Rover LR3 as he travelled down memory lane.

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