Upcoming Volcon Stag Electric SxS to Use GM Powertrain

In early July, Volcon ePowersports shared images of their upcoming Stag UTV. Today the company announced that its propulsion system would be sourced from General Motors. Volcon stated that “it will power all of its off-road utility terrain vehicles (“UTV”) with General Motors’ (“GM”) proven and tested electric propulsion systems”. Currently, the company only has three vehicles listed on its website (two of which are motorcycles), which hints that Volcon plans to create more UTVs.

GM plans to do away with exhaust emissions in their light-duty vehicles by 2035, and they say they’re on their way to carbon neutrality in global products and operations by 2040. “Our work with Volcon is indicative of our plans and demonstrates the flexibility of the platform as well as potential applications well beyond traditional vehicles”, states Travis Hester, GM Vice President of EV Growth Operations. Volcon claims its battery cell modules will be sourced from General Motors and other supporting components. The GM powertrain will provide the STAG with AWD, variable driving modes with adjustable power delivery, at least 125 horsepower, 265 lb-ft of torque, and a 42kWh battery, linked to a 107 kW motor.

More details on the Volcon Stag can be found in my original post. The vehicle will start at $39,999 and be available in 2023.