Video: Did I Just Transform My Ford F-150 4×4 Into a Budget Raptor For $1,600?

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Andre wanted to convert his 2021 Ford F-150 XL Hybrid into a budget Raptor, but did he succeed?

The idea of transforming a regular F-150 into a budget Raptor isn’t new. Doing it for $1,600 is completely unrealistic considering how much mechanical tech the Raptor has. Maybe he could build a budget Tremor? Still, the idea of vastly improving your 4×4 for $1,600 isn’t too farfetched, as Andre shows off the improvements to his personal truck.

Starting with a 2021 Ford F-150 XL Hybrid, Andre spent around $50,000 for the truck, which has the FX4 off-road package. We all agreed with him that the package was a good expense as it gives you beefier suspension, a little bit of armor and (most importantly) a rear locker. The biggest issue with the FX4 package is the Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires. They are well suited for bad weather, but they are not very aggressive for off-road. Not only that, but at 31-inches, they are a bit small for such a big truck.

Ford F-150 FX4 vs. Tremor — off-road test
Here’s a ‘before’ look at Andre’s truck on its stock Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires.

The TFL Studios crew always says: tires are the most important mod.

On top of that, Andre felt that he needed a bit of a lift. He wanted to keep the drivability and some of the truck’s highway economy, so he avoided a large lift. What he opted for was a “leveling kit” which would lift his front end about two-inches with a spacer – rather than a whole new suspension.

He went to Rough Country and bought a $100 two-inch leveling kit spacer. Then, he paid $300 for installation and an alignment. Then, he purchased a set of BFGoodrich K02s for $1,100. After paying to have them mounted, his total came out to about $1,600.

When all was said and done, he lifted the front end approximately four inches when you add the larger tires and front-end lift. Out back, he gained nearly two inches. This kind of subtle adjustment can make all the difference off-road. Everything improves, including your off-road angles, ground clearance, traction and articulation. The only downside may be his efficiency and street handling. Usually, adding beefier, heavier tires reduces efficiency in many ways.

We’ll see in the future what kind of penalties Andre has to deal with down the road.

In this video, you’ll see a very happy Andre play with his new setup. Alex was on hand to film the run, and offered some real assistance. Near the end of the run, body damage was averted thanks to Alex’s quick thinking. Andre owes him a beer for that one.

Still, there was some damage along the way.

Check out the video and see what happened!

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