Audi Teases Its ‘activesphere’ Concept as an Autonomous Lifestyle Off-Roader: Check It Out!

It's a more rugged take on the automaker's futuristic, autonomous concepts

Here’s Audi’s latest “sphere” concept car, the Audi activesphere concept.

Yes, the brand’s activesphere concept is officially written with a lower-case “a”, because Audi. All three sphere concepts are capable of fully automated driving and combine the latest electronic drivetrains that may be available in the near future. The Audi skysphere, grandsphere and urbansphere will be on display during the 2022 Monterey Car Week.

The Audi activesphere concept is the most playful of the three concepts. It appears to be an elevated, coupe-like design that has a high ground clearance, and large tires. The overall look smacks of the RS Q E-tron Dakar racer. Still, that’s only based on this darken teaser.

“The Audi activesphere concept, which is set to be unveiled at the beginning of 2023, will offer maximum variability for an active lifestyle – both on and off pavement. The brand will show off the three members of the sphere family that have already been introduced – the Audi skyphere, grandsphere and urbansphere concepts – for the first time together during Monterey Car Week in California in August 2022.”

According to the automaker, the Audi activesphere concept will be fully unveiled in early 2023.

Here’s my two cents about this concept and Audi’s messaging (or lack thereof)

Audi has produced some fantastic looking EV designs over the past few years. Still, they remain clouded in some sort of obscure vapor, never truly showing much consumer love. In the past, Audi was a more approachable brand, especially for those who couldn’t stomach a BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Now, they seem to build and allude to future concepts, yet they build very little. Many consumers are confused by the whole “e-tron” label and ask us a lot of unanswerable questions about possible production.

Sadly, like many other concepts, there’s no way to know with certainty which, if any, of Audi’s “sphere” concepts will ever be built.

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