Anyone Else Really Want This 1956 Land Rover 86″ Series 1, or Is It Just Me?

Sometimes you spend Friday afternoons browsing auctions, and this workhorse Land Rover Series I just happened to catch my eye. Anyone else like it?

Land Rover Series 1 - Bring a Trailer (featured)
(Images: Bring a Trailer)

It’s cool to see a *working* classic with some patina, isn’t it?

Happy Friday, everyone! Have any weekend plans? Hitting the trails?

Maybe, like me, you’re poking around sites like Bring a Trailer looking for some interesting finds. 4x4s are a fairly rich vain to tap there, and you can find sweet project rigs, built-out and trail-ready machines or even, in this case, an iconic workhorse.

You can’t really pass on an opportunity to check out something like this 1956 Land Rover Series I. It is an icon, after all, as it kick-started the Land Rover brand and sired a line of off-road SUVs that is still going strong today.

What caught my eye, though, is that this iconic SUV isn’t in concourse condition. According to the listing, however, it is actually a daily driver — so you’re looking at a real workhorse.

Land Rover Series 1 - Bring a Trailer

Riding on an 86-inch wheelbase, this Land Rover Series I packs a period correct 2.0-liter inline-four engine and 4-speed manual transmission. Mind you, we are talking about an era before synchromesh, so you will be double clutching here. According to the listing, “[The engine] is said to have been initially overhauled by the seller while intentionally retaining an aged appearance, as have the water pump, generator, and voltage regulator.” The owner also reportedly serviced the braking system.

Land Rover Series 1 - Bring a Trailer

This Series I auction even includes an alloy hardtop (and transport dolly), as well as detachable upper door sections with mirrors and sliding windows.

Now, it is on a California salvage title with a non-working odometer that reads 77,000 miles. But still, I think it’s a cool off-road rig with some patina that’d be right at home on Tumbleweed Ranch. Not that we’re buying it in the next 21 hours that the auction is up, but if this does catch your fancy…better act fast!

Check out the Land Rover Series’ most modern descendent below: