Video: I Get Our New Yamaha TW200 VERY STUCK In DEEP MUD!

After a short two-week break, Taming Tumbleweed is back! You won’t want to miss our newest episode (Ep.19), as many things are happening at the ranch!

The Barn Is Here!

This week’s episode started with a delivery from Morton Buildings, the company building our new barn. We’re still a few weeks out from the construction project starting, but all the materials showed up at Tumbleweed, and we documented the whole process. Two semi-truck loads full of wood, concrete posts, metal siding, hardware, and more pulled into the ranch on an early Tuesday morning, and within a couple of hours, both trucks were unloaded, and all the materials were sitting on our property. Morton used one of the most incredible devices I’ve ever seen to unload the trailers: a forklift mounted to the back of the tractor pulling the trailer. The operator had some practice with those controls, and it was a sight to see!

TW200 vs Deep Mud!

For those who don’t know, Kase and I recently picked up a 2015 Yamaha TW200 for the TFLbike channel. You’ll be able to see the ongoing series on this machine on TFLbike, but in the meantime, we ran it through our most challenging “Pond Course” in the latest TFLoffroad episode to see how it would handle the dirt, and I promise you, things got VERY interesting.

Kase started by rolling through Dirty Deed, which the TW tackled very easily (a lot of the mud-pit has dried up in the past few weeks). Don’t worry; the rest of the course is as muddier than it’s ever been. David’s Folly was also a pretty easy challenge (no surprise, a turning test is pointless for a small dual sport). From there, things spiced up quite a bit. Kase lined up with our Slip and Slide obstacle for the first time, and he was pretty intimidated by its 34-degree slope. He pinned the throttle and charged up the hill, again, without any hiccups. At the top, Kase described how any obstacle he thought would be challenging; the TW200 walks right up and makes Kase feel like a more confident rider.

Things Get STICKY

As we progressed to the back of the course, things got a lot harder for Kase. Cottonwood Creek has gotten extremely rutted out from the rain we’ve gotten in the past month, and it’s been weeks since any vehicle has made it through successfully. Kase was determined to break that curse, and even though he had to put his feet down in the mud, he got through while keeping the T-Dub on two wheels. Tommy’s Demise was a completely different story. Kase tried to pick a line with as little mud as possible, but the rear wheel started to spin, and the bike began to sink. He was able to throttle out of it and walk the bike back up the hill, but he was then determined to make it through and decided to give Tommy’s Demise a run in the reverse direction. When the front tire dropped into the mud, the bike stopped dead in its tracks as if it had hit a brick wall. Kase tried his best to get it unstuck, but ultimately we had to winch it backward using our Kawasaki Mule that we have on loan.

The Best Trail Bike

We learned that the TW200, even with its fat tire design, isn’t exactly a mud-bogging machine. We did reaffirm our belief that the TW200 is an excellent choice as an off-road bike. Neither Kase nor I are expert off-road riders, but the TW200 will give any rider a serious confidence boost, allowing you to try things you typically wouldn’t on a newer, bigger, fancier, and more expensive motorcycle. And for that reason alone, I think the TW200 was an excellent choice for us and could be for you too. Head to, so you don’t miss any of our future Yamaha TW200 videos on TFLbike.