Video: These Two PaxPower Baja Trucks Give The Ford Raptor and RAM TRX a Run For Their Money!

Wide Body Grudge Match!

Andre recently had the opportunity to drive two insane modified off-road trucks built by PaxPower on an off-road course near Houston, Texas. The first is a wide-bodied Chevy Silverado 1500, which PaxPower named the Jackal. And the second is a supercharged V8-powered Ford F-150 with an insanely high-end suspension setup. Both trucks are running 37″ tires and have a ton of off-road upgrades!

The Jackal

Ben Norrell of PaxPower mentioned that his company is known for its V8 Ford Raptor builds. They’ve been working on the Fords for the past few years, but Ben is a Chevy guy. He said he loves the old-school column shifters and pushrod V8s, so once they mastered the Ford builds, they decided to tackle the Silverado. The Jackal is built on a Silverado 1500 LTZ, and it all starts with the wide fenders, which add about seven inches of total width to the truck. The suspension is pretty unique. The upper and lower control arms are from Baja Kits and feature a Uniball setup (similar to what you’d find on a trophy truck) for extra strength and articulation while off-roading. The shocks are King Off-Road Racing shocks, and there’s a progressive Deaver multi-leaf pack in the rear. The Jackal is powered by Chevy’s 6.2L V8, mated to a ten-speed automatic transmission. Although you can option a Jackal with a supercharger, this truck doesn’t have one, so it’s making 442 horsepower. The truck is also equipped with 37-inch tires, which requires upgrading to fabricated bumpers from Addictive Desert Designs, but 35-inch tires can be run with the factory bumpers. The aftermarket bumpers still allow the use of all the factory sensors and cameras. The truck also received a full-color change, including under the hood and all the door jambs, and it is now a very sinister-looking Porsche nardo grey.

The F-150

PaxPower makes many variations of the Ford F-150, but this build is a bit unique. Ben says this is what’s possible when a customer asks for the best parts of a few different builds. This F-150 was built for a customer who wanted to use his truck as a daily driver and as a chase truck for King of the Hammers. Like the Chevy Silverado Jackal, this F-150 is equipped with fabricated bumpers, 37-inch tall tires, and wider bodywork that extends the truck’s width by about 7-inches. Powering this truck is a 5.0L Coyote V8, but PaxPower added a 3.0L Whipple Supercharger, so the truck is now making about 775hp! There’s also a custom hood that redirects airflow into the engine compartment. The suspension on this Ford is exceptionally high end too. Like the Chevy, you’ll see upper and lower arms from Baja Kits, but this truck is running FOX 3.0 shocks with remote reservoirs, which is the highest-end shock you can get from FOX. (the suspension alone costs around $7k!)

Wide Body Grudge Match

Andre took both trucks for an off-road drive and was quite impressed with both! He explained that the Jackal is a ton of fun, sounds great, and is pretty easy to drive, and that would be his pick for just mobbing around local trails. The Ford was quite the handful and took some serious concentration to drive, but there is no substitute for power if you’re out in the desert doing some authentic Baja running. Regarding pricing, the Jackal can be had for about $90k ($60k for the truck and about $30k worth of upgrades from PaxPower). This Ford build was about $50k over the truck’s sticker price. If you have the money and use case for one of these, you really can’t go wrong with either. Check out for more insane off-road trucks!