Polaris Celebrates National Get Outdoors Day

This upcoming Saturday, June 11th, is National Get Outdoors Day. Polaris is launching a new contest called Betting on a Sunny Day to inspire people to get outside this weekend. Polaris teamed up with The Weather Channel to identify the ten cloudiest cities in the United States, and Polaris is betting that all of those cities will see sunlight this Saturday.

Polaris asks you to make a bet (a free bet, too!) either with or against Polaris. In other words, pick Team Sunny or Team Cloudy, and if you’re on the winning team, Polaris will give you 10% off at Polaris Adventures locations, where you can rent side-by-sides and sign up for an epic adventure. Winners will also be entered to win one of two grand prizes: an all-expenses-paid Polaris Adventure trip or a year’s membership to Polaris Adventures Select, Polaris’ subscription-based rental service. Additionally, for every free bet placed, Polaris will donate $2 to The Conservation Fund (up to $10,000).

Click here to sign up for the contest and place your bet. It’s free to enter, and Polaris will donate $2 on your behalf, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose! Get signed up, and make sure you get out on the trails this weekend for National Get Outdoors Day!