Kawasaki Creates The Teryx KRX4 1000 So You Can Terrify The Whole Family

And who doesn't want that?

Kawasaki KRX4 1000

Kawasaki KRX4 1000: More Seats, More Fun

Kawasaki just launched the all-new Teryx KRX4 1000 to expand the KRX lineup into four seats. Like the existing KRX 1000, the new model uses a 999cc parallel twin engine and CVT transmission.

Its engine breathes through a dual snorkel intake with pre-filters to minimize particulates. A centrifugal clutch in the transmission reduces the shock of engagement which Kawasaki claims improves low speed control and decreases wear on the CVT belt. Simple switches on the dash drop you into 4WD, and lock the front differential for crawling.

Chassis & Suspension

From the front seats forward, the new KRX shares its chassis design with the existing two seater. Of course, the middle of its chassis gets longer to accommodate rear seats. That means a wheelbase of 126 inches as opposed to 98.8.

Despite being longer, the KRX4 1000 still offers 14 inches of ground clearance. When the clearance runs out, factory skid plates (primarily steel) shrug off impacts.

Teryx KRX4 1000 eS & Special Edition

Opting for the spec’d out eS trim gets you the addition of Kawasaki Electronically Control Suspension (KECS). In addition to 18.6″ front travel and 21.1″ rear, eS comes with Fox 2.5 live valve shocks. Bosch electronics and Kawasaki’s tuning adjust the Fox shocks based on speed, terrain, load and driver input. Soft, normal and firm settings are available to the driver at any moment.

Special Edition KRX4 1000 models also have a Hifonics audio system, a 4,500 pound WARN winch and unique graphics.

Features & Utility

The Teryx KRX4 1000 features power steering that adjusts for 4WD, LED lighting and a sharp looking 7-inch TFT. Though The KRX4 1000 is not meant to be a work machine, it does have 350 pounds of bed capacity.

The Teryx KRX4 1000 SE starts at $27,499, The eS with Fox suspension is $28,499 and the Special Edition tops out the range at $29,999. That’s a decent premium over the standard KRX 1000 which starts at $23,199. Then again, you can bring twice as many people which holds some value. KRX4 1000 models are available in dealers starting now.