TFL’s TRDpro Land Cruiser Makes A Surprise Appearance

Back in the summer of 2019, TFL purchased and transformed a 2008 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.  Toyota didn’t build a TRDpro version of their Land Cruiser like they do with the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra, so we made our own (which we dubbed the TFLpro).  As part of the project, we added an Old Man Emu lift kit, rock rails, a snorkel, TRD wheels, and BFGoodrich K02 Tires.  We also vinyl wrapped the entire rig in a beautiful gloss white.

As happens with all of our long-term test vehicles, the time came to say goodbye to the TRD Land Cruiser.  We sold it to a TFL viewer by the name of Will.  Apparently the rig has changed hands a few times since we built it.  We recently received an email from TFL fan Skyler Bower.  He writes: “I bought the rig off of Ebay in February. I had watched your channel on you tube but had never seen the videos around this vehicle. It had changed hands one more time after you sold it. I had it shipped to my home in Washington State from New Orleans. I drive a company vehicle as my daily driver so this will be turned into the family adventure car. We intend to do the Washington Backcountry discovery route with it later this year. Thanks for getting me a head start on my overlanding rig!”

Thanks Skyler for sending this in!  We’re thrilled to find out that this unique rig is still owned by a true overloading enthusiast.  You can follow Skyler’s Instagram (@bowerbuilder76) to stay up to date with the old TFL TRDpro Land Cruiser as it enjoys its new home around Ahtanum, Washington.  Don’t forget to head over to TFL-studios so you don’t miss any of our latest stores.