The Jeep Wrangler ’41 Concept Is An Electrified Military Jeep You Could Actually Build Today!

The coverage from Easter Jeep Safari 2022 in Moab, Utah continues! This time we are looking at the Jeep Wrangler ’41 Concept. This concept pays homage to the Willys Jeeps of WWII, and is based on the Wrangler 4xe platform. The concept looks incredible, and that’s good news for you. The reason being: most of these parts are available through Jeep Performance Parts (a branch of Mopar). So it wouldn’t be impossible to recreate this concept in your own garage.

The ’41 Concept

The biggest standout feature of the ’41 Concept is the paint, which is a matte-olive color, exactly as you’d expect to see on a military-inspired Jeep. The color carries through to the tow hooks and some interior trim pieces, but more importantly, the wheels. The wheels come from fifteen52 and mimic a steel-wheel, although they are aluminum. They even have an old Willys Jeep pictured in the center caps. The ’41 concept features Jeep’s half doors which are available through the Jeep catalog. The top is a tan Jeep Performance Parts Safari Top, which ties into the interior. The seats are finished in tan and digital Camo cloth, and the dashboard has been color matched to the exterior. Also fixed to the dash is a decal of a WWII Jeep, which adds a nice bit of character.

Test Drive!

Many concepts from Easter Jeep Safari are so out of this world that its hard to even dream about recreating one. This concept is a bit on the mild side, but still looks amazing. Most of the parts featured on this rig are available for consumers to purchase. So if you wanted to recreate this concept, it is definitely with some minor customization. Nathan and Tommy took the Jeep Wrangler ’41 Concept for a drive in Moab to find out exactly what it’s like off-roading a modern day, electrified Willys Jeep. Check out the video for the full off-road experience. And as always, don’t forget to check out our newly redesigned TFL-studios site.