2022 Toyota Tundra vs Tacoma TRD Pro: Which Is the Better Off-Road Truck?

Full-size vs mid-size! Which is the better off-road truck. In the latest TFLoffroad video, the crew took the new 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro up to Tumbleweed Ranch to face our long term Tundra head-on. Our long term Tundra is a Limited model with the TRD Off-Road package. Our Tundra was just about $57,000, and the Tacoma: about $50,000. Both trucks have a 4-low transfer case and a rear locker, but the Tacoma is a bit better equipped with the MTS system and Fox suspension.

Andre’s Pit!

If you haven’t been following our Taming Tumbleweed series, you have some catching up to do. Andre’s pit is basically finished, although we still need to make some minor touch-ups. The pit has 4-courses: rocks which tests ground clearance, logs which tests traction, holes which tests the AWD system and articulation, and the volcano course, which tests approach and departure angle. We air a new episode every Sunday on TFLoffroad, if you want to see the progress we’ve made.

The Tacoma was first to run the course, and made it look pretty easy. We built this course for mild off-roaders, like crossovers, so the Tacoma didn’t even lift a wheel. The logs course was pretty bumpy, but still, not much of a challenge. The Tacoma could’ve taken it with a lot more speed thanks to its suspension, but we didn’t want to destroy the course. On the rocks Andre thought he might have to use the skid plate, but he didn’t touch once. The skids are definitely good peace of mind, whether you use them or not.

The Tundra ran the course very easily as well, but it was evident that the articulation wasn’t as great. It was quicker to lift a tire on the holes course than the Tacoma. It does have a longer wheelbase than the Tacoma, and the Bilstein shocks are better for slow speed off-roading, so the Tundra can feel a little more comfortable on the trail. With that being said, it is a much bigger truck, so it takes more concentration on tight trails to escape without damage.

Sneak Peek: The Pond Course

Our extreme off-road course on the back half of the property is currently under construction, but we couldn’t wait until it was finished to test it out. Thanks to the Tacoma being much more maneuverable, it was able to get to the back of the property where the Tundra couldn’t. The Tundra probably would’ve made it, but not without some major pin striping.

In the end, we preferred the Tacoma thanks to its much more manageable size. If you’re towing, you might want to consider the Tundra, but for a pure off-road truck, we’d stick with the Taco. Don’t miss the full video, you’ll want to see Andre take the Tacoma on the pond course for the first time. He might’ve gotten stuck! And as always, don’t forget to head over to TFLstudios for more off-road videos!