Taming Tumbleweed: How We’re Transforming an Old Ranch Into An Off-Road Proving Ground

Taming Tumbleweed — intro

At the end of last year, TFL Studios purchased a new property, which we’ve since dubbed ‘Tumbleweed Ranch‘.  Our goal is to create a world class off-road testing course where we control all the variables.  By doing this, every vehicle we run through the course will be up against the same challenge.  No longer do we need to worry about changing conditions, trail traffic, and trail closures.  And the good news for you is, we’ve been documenting the entire process.  You can follow our journey of transforming the ranch in our new series Taming Tumbleweed.

New Driveway

Our first task was to create a new driveway surface.  The old driveway turns into a mud pit any time it rains or snows.  In the first episode, we used our new RAM 2500 and David’s Cummins-swapped GMC 3500 to haul over two trailer loads of recycles asphalt.  We spread those first two loads by hand, but quickly realized we were going to need some bigger equipment.

The Skid Steer

Our friends at Denver East Machinery lent us a Caterpillar 242D skid steer, which made light work of the recycled asphalt.  That was a blessing because the very next day, we had 4 truck loads of material delivered (10 tons of recycled asphalt, and 10 tons of crushed concrete.  David went to work spreading the asphalt on our driveway, and pushing the concrete down sniper hill.  The concrete has bigger pieces and will give us better traction trying to climb up Sniper Hill when it gets slippery.  After about a day of playing with the CAT, the driveway was complete, and ready for vehicles to be parked on.  I know, this isn’t the most exciting task, but it had to be done, and was the first step to complete before we could move on to the off-road course.

Coming Up Soon

Most recently, we received a few bids for a couple different styles of barns to put on the property.  We’re hoping to have that process started within the next few months.  We’ve also been busy building the first of our off-road courses, which is our crossover course.  We’re airing a new episode of Taming Tumbleweed every Sunday.  Stay tuned for the next few episodes of Taming Tumbleweed when we nail down our plans for a barn, start building our off-road courses, and start leveling dirt for our barn.  You can catch them all at TFL-studios.com.