The Honda Passport TrailSport Is The MOST Off-Road Worthy Honda, But Is It Good Enough?

We put the most rugged TrailSport to the test

We tested the latest, most dirt-worthy Passport at Tumbleweed Ranch — TFL’s new off-road proving ground. (Images: TFL Studios)

A few months ago, Nathan had the chance to drive the new Honda Passport TrailSport.  Honda let us borrow another Passport TrailSport for a few days so we could get it dirty at Tumbleweed Ranch.

More on the Passport TrailSport

The Honda Passport TrailSport is powered by a 3.5-liter V6, making 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque.  It is mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission, and averages 21mpg.  It is, of course, equipped with all-wheel-drive, but also has four drive modes: Normal, Snow, Mud and Sand.  Switching the mode changes the iVTM-4 system’s settings, and allows for 70% of power to be sent to the rear wheels, and also allows for torque vectoring.

The TrailSport package, on the whole, ruggedizes the Passport’s appearance. The aesthetic changes over the standard, refreshed Passport include a gloss black grille and off-road inspired bumper, orange accent stitching, black and orange TrailSport badges, and branded all-weather floor mats. While a lift isn’t included in the package, tires have been upgraded to a Firestone Destination on 18-inch wheels. This specific tire is a mild mud and snow tire, although it does not have the 3-peak snow rating.

Andre’s Pit

We decided to use the same test loop we’ve used in a handful of videos at Tumbleweed already. Andre’s Pit is the first real challenge.  We recently took the Nissan Pathfinder up this hill and it was harder than you may think. Nathan put the Passport into snow mode, and started to climb. The Passport was walking up too easily, so Nathan decided to stop on the mud and snow covered hill to make it even harder.  Even still, after some heavy throttle and wheel spin, the Passport made it right to the top.  It took a lot less effort than in the Pathfinder thanks to the better tires that come with the TrailSport package.

2022 Honda Passport TrailSport

Nathan Enters Nathan’s Crack

Next up was Nathan’s crack.  This time was a little nerve-racking, considering there was a bit of damage last time we brought vehicles through here. Nathan took it very slow, carefully brushing his chin into the snow.  The Passport had absolutely no problem getting through Nathan’s crack. Remember, the Passport is basically a Pilot that Honda has shortened, made into a two-row midsize and lightened up by about 100 pounds. All that makes for a decently capable off-roader.

Finally it was time to get back up to the top of the property via Sniper Hill. Once again, the iVTM-4 system performed excellently.  There was no wheel slippage, hesitation or slowing down. The Passport handled everything we’ve thrown at it at the ranch.

2022 Honda Passport TrailSport


We all know Nathan likes to go fast and spin some tires! And because the Passport TrailSport did so well, he unfortunately couldn’t make that happen. So, why not do some donuts?

The TrailSport package is great if you want to do some light off-roading. Nathan would still prefer a more aggressive tire on an off-roader, but for $44,000 the performance is pretty impressive. Check out TFL Studios’ website so you don’t miss any off-road updates.