Easter Jeep Safari Concept Teasers Keep Rolling In! Here’s Your First Look Before They Arrive In Moab

Easter Jeep Safari is just days away, set to take place in Moab. As always, Nathan will be there to show you all the vehicles up-close. In the meantime, Jeep has been posting a number of teaser images, giving us a glimpse into what to expect this year at Easter Jeep Safari. Here’s everything we know about these concepts so far.

Trail Marker 2

Early this month, Jeep released their first teaser image of the upcoming set of concept vehicles. The first, called Trail Marker 2. There’s not a lot of clues given in this photo, but we can see the “392” badge on the hood. It’s no surprise that at least one of these concept vehicles is being built around the 392.

Trail Marker 3

The next photo released by Jeep came along with a pretty exciting description:

“Ever wonder what blending two mighty off-roaders like the Jeep® Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator might look like? What if a truck dared to be more like an SUV to increase its departure angle? The latest Jeep concept heading to this year’s Easter Jeep Safari reinvents what the ultimate terrain tackler dares to be, delivering an abundance of four-wheeling confidence and a pinch of open-air freedom.”

Clearly this concept is going to be some sort of Gladiator/Wrangler mashup. I’m guessing it’s going to look a lot like a gladiator, with a shorter wheelbase and potentially a shorter bed. From this one image, it does appear that the concept still has second row seating, and I doubt Jeep shrunk that area, as it is already pretty tight.

Trail Marker 4

With the Trail Marker 4 teaser, Jeep wrote “The Jeep brand loves a good trip down memory lane, especially during Easter Jeep Safari. This year, the Jeep design team is hard at work on an off-roader that pays homage to a Jeep vehicle of the past. Hint, it blends military grit and determination with 4xe electric vehicle technology.”

While this image looks similar to the Trail Marker 2 image, the badging tells us this is using a different powertrain (specifically the new plug-in hybrid 4xe powertrain.). Also pictured are steel wheels, which we love here at TFL. Our long-term Gladiator had a very similar steel-wheel and it looked amazing. I expect this military-inspired 4xe concept to look just as good, if not better.

Trail Marker 5

Now we can look at Jeep’s latest teaser image which was just unveiled today. This appears to be a 2-door Wrangler that is showing off the entire Mopar parts catalog. In the photo you can see the Jeep is outfitted with a set of half doors, as well as a roof rack that appears to be compatible with the Wrangler even with its roof removed. In the corner of the photo you can see the Jeep Performance Parts emblem, which tells me this is the vehicle they are going to use to show off all of their production parts available to customers.

We’re very exited to get back to Moab and check out all of these concepts in person. Be sure to stay tuned to TFLstudios so you don’t miss any of the action from Easter Jeep Safari 2022!