Spied: 2022 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4X4 Squared Spotted In The Wild

We're glad to see one of the most hardcore Gs make its return

2022 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4x4 Squared — spied

G-Class 4X4 Squared: It’s on a whole other level

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is already a ridiculous vehicle. The base model starts at $131,750. Upgrading to the 577 horsepower Mercedes-AMG G63 runs at least $156,450 before options. However, Mercedes designed the G to do more than blend into the Beverly Hills backdrop. And in the 4×4 Squared’s case, it can do a whole lot more than even the standard rig. Thanks to our friend Francisco, who snapped these pics of the G on the street, we have a slightly better idea where the new one’s headed.

The natural habitat of a Geländewagen is off the beaten path. Every version of the SUV features triple lockers and body-on-frame construction. The previous generation G Class also offered a 4X4 Squared model with portal axles to vastly increase ground clearance.

Why we love the Squared

Portal axles are special hubs built to allow the driveshaft to sit further from the ground. So much farther that the old 4×4 Squared managed 17 inches of ground clearance. That generation of the SUV was discontinued in 2018.

The new G-Class came around that same time, but without a 4X4 Squared model. Spy images of recent G wagon test mules lead us to believe that a minor facelift is coming for the boxy brute. Even more exciting is the return of a Squared variant which you can see being tested below.

More on the current G-Class

The previous 4X4 Squared retailed for over $227,000, so all that engineering definitely didn’t come cheap. Though it’s a vehicle that sits light years out of reach for any normal person, we’re still excited for it to return. The new generation certainly won’t be any less expensive, but it will be nicer.

The last-generation G-Class was based on a platform from 1990. Significant updates improved the Benz throughout its 28 year run, but it was showing age. Thankfully the current generation maintained a lot of the old vehicle’s rugged charm. The body is still a handsome collection of straight lines, and the door locks are loud enough to wake the dead.

We’ve tested the current G off-road more than enough times to know it is still a beast, especially with the right set of tires. The addition of portal axles just takes it from the realm of ridiculousness to full on psychosis. Roman had a chance to drive the previous generation G 63 4X4 Squared, and you can watch the video below.