A Two Wheeled Jeep? This Jeep Scooter Might Be The Perfect Companion For Your Gladiator’s Bed

Jeep Scooter

When you think Jeep, you might not immediately then think of electric scooters. But today Razor announced their newest electric Jeep scooter, made in collaboration with Jeep.

The Razor Jeep RX200 has many unique design elements, which pay homage to Jeep’s off-road history. The scooter sits on 8″ knobby tires, which are actually filled with air, which means yes, you can air down. The RX200 is finished in an army green color, which resembles old military Jeeps. It also has dual round headlights, “Trail Rated” badges, and a topographic step pad and decals.

The Jeep scooter is powered by a 200w motor, has 154lbs of payload, can reach 12mph, and can run for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. This would fit perfectly in the back of any Wrangler/Gladiator, and looks to be a ton of fun for the entire family. With electric scooters exploding in popularity these days in urban areas, the Jeep scooter could be a great mode of transportation for any Jeep lover. The Razor Jeep RX200 is available now for $499.