Landmaster Electric SxS May Be Your Best Option for an EV Work Tool

Last week I had the opportunity to check out some Landmaster side-by-sides at the AIMexpo in Las Vegas. The company, who manufactures its vehicles in Colombia City, IN, has been making gas-powered machines for a while, but they recently made the plunge into the electric SxS world. Now available from Landmaster are two pure-electric side-by-sides, the EV (2-seater), and EVX (4-seater).


There are two battery options to choose from. The smaller 105ah lithium-ion pack provides up to 45 miles of range, and a 160ah battery bumps range up to 65 miles. There batteries have a 5-year warranty, and since they are lithium-ion batteries, they can cycle about 3,000 times. The machine just uses an extension cord to charge, but can quick charge in about 2 hours (3 with the bigger battery). The dumping cargo bed (which is not strut-assisted) can hold a maximum of 700-lbs. The side-by-side is equipped with a 2″ receiver at the front and rear, and can tow 1,500 lbs. Power steering can also be added for $850. Unfortunately, all of these machines are only 4×2. Hopefully soon we’ll see Landmaster improve these vehicles with a true 4×4 system, and possibly a low-range as well.


The Landmaster Electric SxS has a true-SxS suspension system, with double A-arms and adjustable coilovers up front. The rear is set up with an independent trailing arm and a dual-rate coilover shock, giving the machine 8″ of travel at both the front and rear.


The interior has soft seats, and lots of storage and cupholders. Netting is used rather than hard doors, keeping the vehicle safe while also making it easier to get in and out. The model I looked at had a stereo system installed, which would definitely make long days of work more enjoyable. On the dash you’ll find a battery indicator, two USB ports, a 12v socket, hour meter, and a drive mode switch. There is no speedometer, however.

Drive Modes

There’s two drive modes on these electric Landmaster SxS machines. The two options are Max Speed, and Max Range. In Max Range mode, the vehicle is limited to 6.7hp and allows for a 65mi range (45mi with the smaller battery). Top speed mode will allow the vehicle to travel 30mph with 16hp, but will drastically reduce range.

What about Polaris?

Polaris is the only other brand currently offering an electric SxS, which is the Ranger EV. The Ranger EV is only available as a two-seater, so if you’re looking for an EV crew-cab, the Landmaster is your only option. The Ranger EV has a max range of 35-45 miles. The Landmaster definitely has that beat when equipped with the bigger battery. The Polaris is making 30hp and is 4-wheel drive, so they’re definitely stop differently, but they re similarly priced. The Ranger EV starts at $13,699.

Polaris Ranger EV


The American Landmaster EV starts at $12,799, which is a $1,000 premium over where their gas-powered “L” model starts. The EVX (4-seater) starts at $15,499, and the EVX I saw at the show which was basically fully loaded, comes in around $19,500.

Things are just heating up in this electric SxS segment. Stay tuned to TFLstudios for all the latest news, views, and real world reviews from the Powersports industry.