Surprise: Toyota Reveals A Mini FJ Cruiser EV Concept And An Electra Tacoma!

Toyota just dropped a ton of new EV concepts — but this one's arguably one of the coolest

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept
If you miss the FJ Cruiser, this may whet your appetite — and it’s electric! (Images: Toyota)

Baby Land Cruiser, anyone?

If you miss the Toyota Land Cruiser or the old FJ Cruiser here in the US, you may be in luck. The key words are obviously ‘may be‘ there, but the automaker just dropped a whole host of EV concepts, among which is this mini FJ Cruiser-looking “Compact Cruiser EV”. It emerged during a presentation on the company’s future electric ambitions, and this is definitely one of the standouts among the seventeen concepts they showed off Tuesday. Another was an electric version of the midsize Tacoma pickup (though it may not actually be called a Tacoma EV — that remains to be seen).

So what do we actually have here? On size alone, it’s clearly not as large as an OG Land Cruiser or the long-departed FJ. Instead, it looks like a small off-roader meant to compete against the likes of the Ford Bronco Sport. The recovery hooks, chunky tires and boxy styling are always a welcome presence in the off-road world, at least in my opinion.

A wider look at all the EV concepts Toyota unveiled Tuesday.

Technical specs? Unfortunately, Toyota shared the square root of nothing on that front, and simply restated its commitment toward reducing CO2 emissions. The recently launched bZ4X may provide some insight, but I can’t even speculate in that direction then since it’s not clear when — or even if — this Compact Cruiser EV will actually make it to production. It wouldn’t be the first time Toyota’s hinted in this direction, for those of you who remember the FT-4X concept from a few years ago.

Regardless, Toyota will clearly launch a ton of new EVs in the coming years, and we should (hopefully) have more information soon.