Want Donut Doors For Your Off-Roader? Jeep May Just Make It Happen: Patent News

It's a big question mark at this point, but Jeep's apparently been thinking about it for years

Jeep Wrangler donut doors
The Ford Bronco didn’t wind up getting donut doors (at least not right now), but Jeep may be working on the idea for the Wrangler JL. (Image: Jeep)

Jeep donut doors: They just look cool, don’t they?

When the brand new Ford Bronco hit the scene, you may remember certain images of a two-door, Cyber Orange example getting some awesome looking donut doors (shown here). Sadly, those never came to fruition, but the idea may not be entirely dead. Instead, folks over at Stellantis have been evidently toying with donut doors on the Wrangler since the JK days back in 2017 — as The Drive discovered through a recently published patent document.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a technically-minded patent, but rather an application showing the aesthetic design of how Jeep’s donut doors would look, if Jeep actually decided to try and build them. To be clear, Jeep donut doors have shown up a couple times in the past. The most notable example would be the JK Switchback concept from 2017’s Easter Jeep Safari. They also appeared at the 2018 LA Auto Show, on what was then the new Wrangler JL.

As cool as they look, there are a couple inherent issues with actually putting donut doors into production, whether Ford or Jeep go for it. One is cost — even the half doors on the Wrangler cost between $2,350 and $4,395. The other, trickier issue is safety, since getting these to comply with existing standards would be difficult, and perhaps more than it’s worth to figure it out. These could be the reasons both automakers decided to ax the idea for their actual production models, relegating the donut doors to “prototype” status.

Or, given the explosive popularity of these two off-road SUVs, there may be strong incentive to actually make them in earnest. We’ll just have to wait and see.