Video: 2022 Ram BackCountry vs. Nissan Titan: Can These Two Off-Road Trucks Conquer The Ironclads?

2022 ram 1500 backcountry vs nissan titan pro-4x

I take a new 2022 Ram 1500 Backcountry edition and a new Nissan Titan Pro-4X on the Ironclads trail and put them through a series of four challenges. These obstacles include an articulation section that also tests power distribution. Next up is an approach and breakover angle test. This is also a maneuverability test that ends up being a sidestep clearance challenge. Finally, there is a faster driving section that puts the suspension and the shocks to the ultimate test.

These two trucks join our long-term test truck fleet. We will have these two pickup trucks for the next several months. We will put them through a series of tests, including acceleration tests, towing, and fuel efficiency testing.

Please join the video below for all of the off-road fun with these two trucks.