I Off-Road It: Is The Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45 Truck The Ultimate 4×4 Toyota?

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Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45
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The Toyota HJ45 is a pickup based on the FJ40 with a bed in the back and a diesel engine. That’s what the “H” stands for.

This extremely rare (for the United States) 1978 HJ45 Toyota Pickup belongs to Jay Couch of Couch Off-Road Engineering. Jay owns several unique trucks, and does some incredible builds. On top of that, he has a facility that allows him to test these vehicles on the dirt.

The 1978 HJ45 came in from Costa Rica, in rough shape, and Jay’s client wanted it to be set up a certain way. It has a ton of upgrades, including ARB front/rear lockers, Old Man Emu suspension, rebuilt transfer case, and rebuilt axles too. Most importantly, it has a fairly new Cummins 4VT 3.9-liter four-cylinder diesel. The Toyota makes (approximately) 200 horsepower, and it’s mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Jay updated the brakes with a hydra boost system. The all new instrument cluster is on display, with a ton of brand new switchgear.

If you’re interested in buying this rig, you can call Jay at 888-Xunimog (888-986-4664).

Jay says it will get in the 20s in terms of highway MPG. on top of that, he has it holding a massive amount of fuel. 140 gallons of maximum fuel capacity. Strobes and flashers, along with all LED lights.

Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45

Jay says he put in about $130,000 worth of upgrades, updates, and rebuilds into this rig. The former owner, who Jay built this truck for, sold it back to Jay as he was too big for the truck. Andre demonstrates that, at nearly 6’3″ – he’s a bit too tall for the little truck.

There’s a lot going on in this video, and Andre gets to take you along for some playtime in the dirt.

Check out the Toyota lovefest starring Andre below!

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