News: Ford Bronco Raptor Looks Absolutely HUGE Next to a Regular One

When size matters...

2023 ford bronco raptor big bend huge

We have some new images of the upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor. This time it is pictured next to an all-stock 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks trim. The Outer Banks model we see here does NOT have a Sasquatch that gives it 35-inch tall tires. The 37-inch tall tires on the Raptor version, the added width of the suspension (and tires), and the added height make it look enormous. Yikes!

These images and information come to us via Ford’s website. Here is another image of the two side by side.

We also have several images of the undercarriage of the new Bronco Raptor. It still uses a solid rear axle with coil springs. However, the progressive-type springs are wrapped around what appears to be electronically-controlled remote reservoir shocks. We expect the Bronco Raptor to use a version of the latest FOX LiveValve X2 shocks. The rear differential has a new cover with an “R” stamped into it. There is also a dual exhaust outlet on the driver’s side.

We expect to learn more about the upcoming Bronco Raptor soon. We still don’t know for sure which engine will power this beast. Although, a 450 horsepower 3.5-liter Ecoboost twin-turbo V6 is a likely candidate.

Here are our first impressions of the new Ford Bronco Raptor.