Video: Polaris RZR Pro R Makes Its World Debut With a FULL SEND at Long Beach, CA

Polaris and HOONIGAN team up for this outrageous run.

2022 polaris rzr pro r hoonigan world debut

We don’t know much about the new range-topping Polaris RZR Pro R, but we can watch what it’s capable of. Check out this video by Polaris and HOONIGAN. Don’t try this at home. These jumps and stunts are performed by trained professionals and the streets are blocked by the local police.

The RZR Pro R you can see in this video was modified for the video. We do not know exactly what modifications were made. The RZR Pro R will make a full reveal on November 9th, 2021. Please stay tuned to TFLoffroad Youtube channel for much more about the new high-performance RZR.

What do you think? It looks like the driver – RJ Anderson – overcooks the first jump. He jumps so high and so far that he nearly misses the landing ramp. Sit back and enjoy …