Video: It Gets Sketchy When We Off-Road a Classic Ford F100 Highboy and the New Ford F-150 Tremor!

2021 ford f-150 2022 tremor 1965 f-100 classic off-road comparison

What better way to spend an afternoon than taking a classic 1965 Ford F100 Highboy and a new Ford F-150 Tremor on a trail run? Both of these trucks have lots of inherent off-road capability. They are separated by more than five decades of development, so they go about it in very different ways.

The classic truck is actually not a true F100 because it’s a combination of many different parts. The highboy designation comes from the fact that it has a divorced 4×4 transfer case. The manual transmission is linked to the transfer case by a driveshaft. This orientation makes it easier to give this truck a suspension lift and larger tires. While our orange truck does not have a dramatic lift, it is riding on 35-inch tall off-road tires. It has more than enough clearance and low-range gearing.

The all-new F-150 Tremor is a new addition to the lineup. It slots in above the FX4 and below the Raptor in capability. The F-150 Tremor has a 1-inch suspension lift, it’s 1-inch wider (thanks to a wheel offset), and it’s riding on 33-inch tall tires. It is also equipped with a sophisticated “torque on demand” transfer case from the F-150 Raptor. This transfer case combines a clutch-based all-wheel-drive capability that varies torque from rear to the front. It also has a mechanically locking feature for 4×4 capability. The Tremor also has an optional TORSEN limited-slip front differential and a selectable rear locker.

The classic truck does not have locking differentials. It has a relatively flexible open c-channel frame that helps it flex over obstacles. In the end, the heavy-duty leaf springs under this truck make it ride very rough off-road. Just watch the video to see Nathan and I bounce around inside.

The Tremor still has very good suspension travel and improved clearances over a standard F-150 FX4. Naturally, the new F-150 Tremor with nearly every option has a high MSRP. It’s $68,005 for the truck you see here. We purchased the classic truck over a year ago for around $6,000.

Join the fun in the video below.