Video: Should They Build the Electric G-Class or Not?

This thing can have four electric motors for precise control.

electric eqg g-wagen concept

Should they build an electric G-Class or not? Mercedes debuts the EQG electric concept this week to foreshadow what may be possible in the future. This is part of the company’s plan to shift from internal combustion power to electricity over the course of this decade.

The EQG concept retains the classic G-Class shape but adds a few futuristic elements. Mercedes calls part of the rounded-square shape design “squircle“. These are small design elements inside the grille and inside the rear cargo carrier. The concept rides on large monoblock wheels.

We do not have many hard specs for the EQG because it is still a concept. However, Mercedes specified that the EQG can be powered by four electric motors that use a reduction gear for slower off-road crawling capability. Having four motors would provide this SUV with precise torque-vectoring capability for on-road driving, and precise traction management while off-road.

The electric Rivian R1T and R1S that are going on sale this year use a very similar four-motor setup. In Rivian’s case, the four electric motors are mounted inboard in the center of the chassis. The four-motor setup allows Rivian to perform a tank turn.

Here is what Nathan and I think about the EQG concept.