Video: Here’s Everything That’s NOT Broken On My Crazy Russian Military Buhanka Van!

The van gets a new nickname!

1992 uaz buhanka 452 bukhanka 4x4 van russian vanlife

You may know already that I made a very irrational purchase. I imported this 1992 UAZ 452 “Buhanka” 4×4 van from Russia. It was one of the more expensive used UAZ vans I considered, and I had this one fixed up by two Russian mechanic shops before it got shipped to the United States. Still, I have too many questions! Did I purchase something good, or is it a pile of you know what?

To get an answer to this question, I took my van to one of the best mechanics I know who also has experience with Eastern European cars and trucks. It had to be Charley at Charley’s Garage.

I thought the van was leaking fuel, but it is not. In the end, Charley declared this Buhanka “Dirty, but Stirdy!” This may just be the name of this van’s video series. Join all the fun in the video below.