Video: Ford Shows the Next-gen Ford Ranger Prototype Testing in Every Off-Road Condition

2023 ford ranger

Ford of Europe releases a video that shows several next-gen Ford Ranger prototypes being tested in a variety of conditions in Australia and other regions around the world. The company says the next generation of its midsize pickup truck will make its official debut in 2022. We presume this generation of the Ranger will be a global model, and it should reach the United States market in the near future. Some rumors put this new truck in the U.S. as a 2023 model.

Ford shows extended (Super Cab) and crew cab (Super Crew) versions of the truck testing in the mud, in sandy deserts, over rocks, and in the snow.

Take a look at Ford’s first video here.

Here is our take on the next Ranger based on the prototype images and video we captures in the United States.

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