This Electrified Fering Pioneer 4×4 Has a 4,350-Mile Range and a Fabric Body! What?!

It rides on 44-inch off-road tires and costs a lot!

The Fering Pioneer rendering by Fering

Ben Scott-Geddes, former designer from Ferrari, McLaren, and Caparo – built the Fering Pioneer off-road hybrid that’s aiming for a 2022 production run.

The Fering Pioneer is an off-road vehicle built for extreme environments, and long range. This British-built pickup/off-roader appears to seat four, and it has a split-tailgate. Built with an 800cc, three-cylinder biodiesel engine as a range-extending generator, the electric output is 442 lb-ft of torque. Two electric motors (one per axle) get their juice from rugged Lithium Titanate Oxide cells. The electric-only range is about 50-miles, but the generator can chug along on a variety of fuels, reenergizing the batteries. It’s a true hybrid, and its stated efficiency is about 43 mpg.

With that being said, it must have a huge fuel tank to enable a total driving range of up to 4,350 miles!

That 4,350-mile range claimed by the Fering Pioneer is incredible, and this claim may seem overly optimistic by many.

The Fering Pioneer weighs just over 3,300 lbs. Considering its sporting huge 22.5-inch wheels and beefy 44-inch off-road tires, the hybrid system, and platform, that’s light. One of the reasons for that weight has to do with Fering’s unique approach to the body panels. The Pioneer uses fabric body panels. According to the automaker, he chose to make the body out of a durable fabric, similar to the material hiking boots are made of.

Those fabric panels are (obviously) not structural, and they can easily be repaired in the bush.

By the way, those big wheels (which look a bit ungainly, to be honest) actually have a purpose. Fering says he chose that size as it’s a standard wheel size for trucks internationally. Truck tires can be purchased almost anywhere. In a way, that kind of encapsulates the purpose of the Pioneer. It’s no toy. The Fering Pioneer appears to be built as a utility vehicle that can go anywhere on earth, and be self-sufficient.

Pricing starts at $206,000, but other technical specifications and interior images are not available yet. They are looking to build 150 to 200 Pioneers annually. Some of the images on this page show a Pioneer prototype being tested.

Fering says they plan to start production in the first half of 2022. More details can be found on the Fering website.

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