Would You Consider A Volkswagen-Built International Harvester Scout? It *Might* Happen: Rumormill

File this in the "rumor" stack — at least for now

International Harvester Scout — Volkswagen Revival?
International Harvester isn’t a household name today, but the “Scout” model could make it back into common parlance, thanks to Volkswagen. (Images: TFL Studios)

Wrangler, Bronco…Scout? Oh yeah, we could see another name resurrected.

It may have gone out of production over 40 years ago, but the International Harvester Scout still carries huge clout for its role in defining the ‘modern’ SUV. Now, after all that time, we could (emphasis on that keyword) see the name return to the fold. This time around, it wouldn’t fall under International, but under the Volkswagen Group.

International Harvester Scout — Volkswagen Revival?

Huh? What? If you’re scratching your head as to why it would emerge from the German automaker, there’s a bit of background to consider. First, as Motor Trend points out, Volkswagen Group of America COO John De Nysschen mentioned the idea more or less in passing during a media event. Again, it’s worth noting that there are no ironclad plans to actually revive the Scout name yet. Volkswagen Group made clear after De Nysschen’s comment that this is purely speculative, and Volkswagen Group holding rights to the name does not reflect any real plans at this moment.

But how did VW come upon the name? That stems back to late 2020. Volkswagen subsidiary Traton merged with Navistar International, which has been building trucks under the International brand since 1985. Navistar still owned the Scout trademark as the merger happened, allowing it to use the name for road-legal vehicles including SUVs and trucks.

Since we’re only a few months from the Traton-Navistar deal, it could be a long while before we see any Volkswagen-built Scout emerge. That links into the second twist in the story — as the new ‘Scout’ would likely debut as an all-electric model. If it happens at all, that is. Volkswagen Group is charging ahead with its plans to develop the MEB platform. Internal combustion models are going to cease production in the next few years, while current models like the Amarok and Atlas will inevitably be electrified. In time, we may see a possible new Scout take on an all-electric Jeep Wrangler. As ever, though, we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? Would you buy a new Scout if a new, all-electric version came out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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