What’s Going On With The Ineos Grenadier? It’s Still Coming — And We Have More Details: News

Ineos announces their North American headquarters, dishes on their dealer network and opens up reservations Sept. 30

Ineos Grenadier
Ineos chairman Jim Ratcliffe with the upcoming Grenadier SUV, set to launch in North America in 2023. (Images: Ineos Automotive)

Ineos lays out production, retail and service details for its impending Grenadier SUV.

Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, Toyota 4Runner, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G-Wagen — these are all high-profile SUVs that compete for your hard-earned dollars if you’re in the market for a capable 4×4. The Ineos Grenadier aims to offer a rugged, more back-to-basics option — and it continues to inch closer to reality. The company announced more details on its upcoming launch Tuesday, including the location of its North American headquarters, its global launch plans and how it’s going to go about actually getting its SUVs into customers’ hands.

Ineos Grenadier
A mockup on Ineos’ dealer locations — a minimalist, no-nonsense design aimed at getting customers into the right vehicles for their needs.

Despite some delays, the firm’s efforts — financially backed by the larger petrochemical manufacturer Ineos Group — has been moving at fairly remarkable speed since it formed in 2017. Right now, the Ineos Grenadier is slated to launch in Europe and the Middle East, among several other markets, starting in July 2022. From there, the company says it’s targeting a North American launch the following year, with full-scale U.S. sales kicking off by summer 2023.

To support that timeline, Ineos Automotive is setting up its North American headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rather than forging its own dealer network, it will partner with existing retailers in several regions throughout the country. Around the launch, Ineos’ Executive Vice President for the Americas Greg Clark notes the U.S. should ideally see 30 to 40 retailers from which buyers can actually get their hands on the Grenadier. A further eight to ten retailers will be available in Canada, and roughly half a dozen retailers will work with importers and distributors to service customers in Mexico.

Ineos Grenadier interior
While the Grenadier is meant as a rugged, few-frills off-roader, it will still pack features like a modern infotainment system and Apple CarPlay support.

‘Handraisers’ get first shot to reserve the Grenadier

While we’re still some months off from the official launch, Ineos says some 75,000 people have expressed interest in buying the Grenadier SUV. Those prospective buyers will have the first chance to put down a refundable $450 reservation fee on the car starting on September 30, 2021. Those ‘handraisers’ will get an exclusive two-week period to put their names down. From October 14, 2021 onward, reservations will open up for everyone.

While exact pricing is open to interpretation at this point, the hope is that the Grenadier will land somewhere between the base Jeep Wrangler/Ford Bronco and the new Defender’s starting point. Again, we’re too far out from the reveal for Ineos to commit to a firm price for the U.S. model, but using that yardstick would put the SUV somewhere in the mid-$40,000 to low-$50,000 range to start. However the pricing lands, the company does plan to offer as much of a digital buying experience as possible, as well as face-to-face transactions at their retail partners’ locations.

Ineos is still working out details with those retailers, so exact details on which dealers you’ll be able to buy from is not public knowledge just yet. Throughout 150 countries, the company says customers farther away from actual dealers will be able to choose from 10,000 hand-picked Bosch Car Service outlets around the world. Where parts aren’t available, Ineos is targeting delivery within 24 hours. Again, we’ll have to wait and see — especially with the current state of the global supply chain — but the company is putting an emphasis on after-sales support in its statement Tuesday.

What else do I get for the money?

The 2023 Ineos Grenadier features a BMW-sourced inline-six engine for North American customers, putting out 335 horsepower. That keeps it competitive with its rivals, while Ineos says it will also offer a 5-year/60,000-mile limited warranty. The company did not yet disclose the length of its powertrain warranty, other than to say it would also be a robust length. The aim there is to give customers some confidence in what is, at this moment, an unproven brand.

All Grenadiers will be built in Hambach, France — at a former Mercedes-Benz plant the company purchased in late 2020. Ideally, the fledgling automaker aims to produce 30,000 units annually. Of those, about one-third will come to the United States.

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