Video: Did Ford Do Enough To the New 2021 Ford Raptor to Compete With the Ram TRX?

I attempt to drive the wheels off the new Raptor.

2021 ford f-150 raptor first drive review dune jump sand off-road

The new 2021 Ford Raptor is the first production truck that comes with optional 37-inch off-road tires from the factory. The only way to test it is to jump it in the sand dune. I take this new Raptor and attempt to drive the wheels off of it in the Dumont Dunes in eastern California at the first drive event.

This new truck’s chassis has been reinforced and updated for this new 3rd-generation. It is similar to the 2nd-gen in the front with some shock mount reinforcements, but it’s very different in the rear. The 2021 Raptor is using a 5-link rear suspension setup with coil springs. This design is similar to what the new Ram TRX uses, and Ford says this suspension setup allows the truck to have more contact with the ground and can deliver the power in a more efficient way. This is supposed to improve its off-road capability and acceleration.

There are many differences between these two versions of the 2021 Raptor: the truck with 35-inch tires versus the truck on 37s. The overall truck weight is about the same. Ford and BFGoodrich tell me that the 37-inch KO2 tire weighs about 2.2 pounds more than the 35-inch KO2 tire. Both of these tire packages are mounted to a 17-inch wheel. The wheel designs and wheel offsets are different for each. Also, the truck’s top speed is limited for each tire option.

The F-150 Raptor on 35-inch tires has a top speed rating of 118 mph (same as the 2021 Ram TRX). The Raptor on 37s has a top speed rating of 112 mph. These ratings are due to the tires themselves. The large all-terrain tires are asked to do many things, and the engineers worked hard to increase the speed ratings on them as well.

Please join the fun video below for all of the off-road dune bashing fun in the brand new Ford Raptor.