Polaris Demos The Electric Ranger UTV — Take A Look At What It’s Pulling!

More information is still to come on Polaris' new Ranger EV

2022 Polaris Ranger EV — Demo
As our team attended an event for the updated 2022 Polaris lineup, the manufacturer also showed a brief glimpse of the all-electric Ranger. (Images: Polaris)

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Polaris Ranger EV is capable of.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any more specs to share on the upcoming, all-electric Ranger at this point. Polaris demonstrated the Ranger EV among their updated 2022 models in Minnesota — an event for which our man Alex Lightman will have videos over the next week. While we weren’t able to film the Ranger EV specifically (that’s coming in the relatively near future, as we get closer to the model’s actual debut), we did at least see firsthand what the electric side-by-side can do.

Polaris set up a few showcases that highlight different strengths for the Ranger EV. A balancing rig showed just how well you can meter out the Ranger EV’s available power, for example. That test comes in particularly useful, as resorting to an electric motor will help dial out the annoying rubber-banding that comes with gas-powered Polaris’ CVT setups.

Naturally, Polaris also showed the Ranger EV hanging it out to show off its raw power. Sure, this is a utility side-by-side, but having instantaneous torque at your disposal should (hopefully) still make this a fun proposition.

Then, there’s the coup de grâce: Actually showing off all that electric torque.

Yes, Polaris actually showed the Ranger EV towing a Chevy Silverado 3500 dually with a gooseneck trailer attached. Now, it’s worth noting their driver only did that for a short distance. It’s not the first time they’ve pulled this stunt, either. We don’t know how far the Ranger EV will go on a charge when it’s unladen, but you can bet that range is dramatically lower with a freaking truck and trailer attached. What’s more, their team put out a massive “don’t try this at home” disclaimer, as the Ranger EV is not ranged to pull that sort of weight over any appreciable distance. It’s sort of like the Toyota Tundra “towing” Space Shuttle Endeavor. It can technically do it, but you’re extremely outside engineering tolerances if you try it yourself.

We should know more cold-hard facts about the Polaris Ranger EV in due time. Nevertheless, here’s another look at what it can do, and check back to TFLoffroad to see our actual test when we get our hands on the production model.