The Ford Bronco Riptide Concept Heads To The Beach And Gets Tubular (Doors, That Is)

This one's not so much about hardcore rock crawling, as some top-down cruising

The new Ford Bronco Riptide Concept envisions a West Coast lifestyle, including plenty of time at the beach. (Images: Ford)

Why you gotta be so serious about your off-roader?

With the Ford Bronco actually rolling out to (some) customers at this point, the Blue Oval’s been working to show off just how robust and customizable their new rig is. You’re not just buying into an SUV here — you’re buying into a sort of lifestyle and a theme. Their latest effort to showcase the growing list of Bronco add-ons, which is already some 200 items deep, there’s the ‘Riptide Concept’.

What you have here is a 2021 Ford Bronco four-door with the Sasquatch Package. Unlike the Badlands or Wildtrak as more hardcore off-road trims, though, the Riptide has a more chill vibe to it. That’s mainly down to the Velocity Blue paint, as well as the Bimini top (of course it’s down in these photos), the tubular steel doors, and the two Almond surfboards.

“For this Bronco Riptide project, we imagined a customer who enjoys the open air and a free-spirited West Coast lifestyle,” said Bronco color and materials designer Missy Coolsaet. “Whether heading off to the mountains or along the California coast, the Bronco Riptide custom vehicle is ready for adventure.” Marketing though that may be, the Bronco Riptide Concept is indeed another look at just how you can spec out your Bronco with accessories to match your own tastes.

Mind you, this is just a concept (at least for now), and the Riptide isn’t a trim you can buy pre-configured just yet. You can buy most of the pieces you need to make your own, though that’s also a bit tricky with the current state of Ford’s Bronco production. The company announced it would replace hardtops on existing Broncos, delaying production and deliveries for some customers until at least October, when new hardtops will be available. For more and more order holders, it’s likely you won’t see your new Bronco until at least 2022, if not later. That said, as Ford smoothens out all the production issues, the Riptide shows what you’ll be able to do with the car’s available range of accessories.